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Ischyma Borzois in  Families v.d. Loo - Engelbracht und Fam. Moonen

Karin with Ochhotnik, Irtysch, Zobel and Murovyev in February 2015

Murovyev & Gagarin

Irtysch with his sons Avant-Garde Art Altin and Aljuschin


Karin with Irtysch, Ochhotnik, Murovyev and Gagarin

Murovyev, Ochhotnik, Irtysch and Gagarin

Gagarin, Ochhotnik, Irtysch, Murovyev

Gagarin, Ochhotnik

Irtysch, Murovyev


Murovyev found the toy

as also Ochhotnik

Karin with Irtysch 3,5 years, Gagarin 5 years, Murovyev 1,5 years and Ochhotnik 9 months

Murovyev so happy in the snow!

Irtysch, Murovyev an Ochhotnik having fun in the snow

Ochhotnik having fun with a tree

Irtysch is hunting the other boy's

Gagarin, so elegant with his lovely coat!

Gagarin has fun at a coursing

as also Irtysch


Ochhotnik & Gagarin

Ochhotnik & Irtysch


Gagarin allway's fun with his ball


Ochhotnik / Irtysch playing

Ochhotnik playing with our Galgo

Ochhotnik / Cindy

Ochhotnik and Galgo Bandora

My favorit Gagarin - I was calling Gagaring and he looked at me with those lovely eyes. Are you asking me something?

Ochhotnik / Cindy

Ochhotnik and Gagarin playing at our other field

Muroyvey and Irtysch

Irtysch sleeping with his Galgo girlfriends

from left to right: Ischyma Irtysch, Ischyma Murovyev, Ischyma Ochhotnik and Ischyma Gagarin

from left to right: Ischyma Irtysch, Ischyma Gagarin, Ischyma Ochhotnik and Ischyma Murovyev