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Ischyma Ochhotnik * 01.03.2009 - 22.07.2020
out of JCh. Ischyma Jaden Triskel x Ch. Ischyma Hanoeschka

owners: Fam. v.d. Loo - Engelbracht und Fam. Moonen
Ischyma Borzois in Families v.d. Loo - Engelbracht und Fam. Moonen


10 years old

photos: Saskia van der Loo
7,5 years old

nearly 8 years old

photo: Christa Merk

photo: Christa Merk

On March 11th Ochhotnik got his "Working Permit" in "Clean Boot Hunting" so he and Arnold may start in the official trials from now. Ochhotnik is the first Borzoi who can participate in only the Clean Boot Hunting Trials in Belgium.  We are very proud!!

We have lots of fun with "Clean Boot Hunting"  officially they do this with Bloodhounds it is not the same as tracking. Arnold and Ochhotnik are a team. When you train you also do the Trials with the same dog.

Ready for takeoff - Arnold shows him the smeller

Sometimes you have to run a lot in a high speed, thats Clean Boot Hunting!

Ochhotnik find the person where he was looking for and get  his tread!

Done and very tired!

2 years old

please click here for the pedigree




14 months old/Monate alt



1,5 years/Jahre alt


7 months old/Monate alt


6 months old/Monate alt



5 months old/Monate alt


15 weeks old/Wochen  alt

10 weeks old/Wochen  alt


9 weeks old/Wochen  alt



8 weeks old/Wochen  alt





7 weeks old/Wochen  alt




6 weeks old/Wochen  alt



5 weeks old/Wochen  alt



4 weeks old/Wochen  alt



3 weeks old/Wochen  alt


2 week old/Woche  alt





1 week old/Woche  alt