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Ch. Ischyma Imperial *09.04.06 15.06.15
Polish Champion(PL Ch. Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x
Basandrin Garna)
owner: Les Forster, Harropine UK

6 years old

5 years old

EXC 1 CWC, CACIB, BOB, the Winner of the Show, BOG and finally BIS 4 at CACIB Krakow, September 2010

in August 2009 at  CACIB in Białystok

EXC 1 BOB CACIB CWC at CACIB Krakow under judge Mr. Istvan Nagy from Hungary

nearly 3 years old

Imperial's son Jay Jay Stepowy Goniec

please click here for the pedigree

In kennel Stepowy Goniec Imperial has puppies with the beautifull Ch. Zlota Sotnia Stepowy Goniec (Ch. Via Alba Stepowy Goniec x Ch. Russkiy Standart Arlekin) http://www.stepowygoniec.republika.pl
imperials_litter_stepowy_goniec_08g.jpg (66416 Byte)

In kennel Stepowy Goniec Imperial has puppies with the beautifull Ch. Alliance de Mur'Etnaya http://www.stepowygoniec.republika.pl

20 months old


1,5 years old

13 months old


1 year old / Jahr alt

10 months old / Monate alt



6 months old / Monate alt

ischyma_imperial_6mo2.jpg (52462 Byte)


14 weeks old / Wochen alt

11 weeks old / Wochen alt

ischyma_imperial_14wo2.jpg (65332 Byte) ischyma_imperial_14wo3.jpg (61106 Byte)

9 weeks old / Wochen alt


8 weeks old / Wochen alt




7 weeks old / Wochen alt


6 weeks old / Wochen alt


5 weeks old / Wochen alt



4 weeks old / Wochen alt



3 weeks old / Wochen alt



Two weeks old / Zwei Wochen alt



One week old / Eine Woche alt



1 Tag alt / one day old