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Int.MCh. Ischyma Hitan Rayen *20.03.2005 - 01.11.2013
owner: Annie Rogiers & Deborah Soete, kennel “Chyerdak”Belgium 
eMail: madame_flore@hotmail.com www.hitanrayen.be


Memories of Hitan Rayen Turn sound on and enjoy http://youtu.be/KMj1wS4TQWk


winning Veteran BIS at the Landessieger-show in Ostercappeln 2013

we both are so happy to see each other again
photo: Deborah Soete

winning Veteran BIS at the all-breed-show in Lommel/B

winning Luxembourg Veteranchampion at the age of 8 years, photo Sylvie Guillon

7 years old

"Best in Show" CACIB Ludwigshafen 2011

RBIS HKV Clubmatch 2010

Place 1 HKV Toplist 2010

5 years old

BIS HKV Clubmatch 2009

BOS at Championnat de France in Paris in June 2009

Winning 1st place with CACP at the national Coursing in France Chardonnay

please click here for the pedigree

International Champion, German Veteranchampion DWZRV & VDH, Luxembourg Veteranchampion, Danish Club Champion, Polish Champion, Slovenian Champion, Slowakian Chamion, Bulgarian Champion, Bulgarian Grand Champion, Balkan Champion, Romanian Champion, Romanian Champion Cum Laudae,  Croatian Champion, French Champion, Austrian Champion, Nordic Champion, Norwegian Champion, Swiss Champion, Swedish Champion, Danish Champion, German Champion DWZRV, German Champion VDH, Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion, Luxembourg Champion
Karawanken Winner 2012, Rheinland Pfalz Sieger 2010, Jubiläumssieger Bad Homburg 2009, Hopkönig 2009, Rheinland-Pfalz-Sieger 2009, Ambiorix Winner '07, Brabo Winner 2007, BOG CACIB Rotterdamm 2007, Limburgs Champion 2006, 2007
BIS HKV Clubmatch 2010, BOB BIG und BIS-4 Nova Ruda 2010, Zadar CACIB 2-BOG,Sofia CACIB BOG, Sofia BISS for Russian breeds, Sofia CACIB BOG und 3-BIS, Sofia CACIB BOG, Timisoara CACIB BOG, BOG CACIB Nitra 2009, BIS HKV Clubmatch 2009, KVWB Coursing club champion 2009, Place 1 German Borzoi Toplist 2008
Place 1 HKV Toplist 2010 in Belgium, Place 1 KBWC Borzoi Tophound list 2007 in Belgium, Place 3 KBWC Borzoi Tophound list 2006 in Belgium, VDH-Europajugendsieger 2006, FCI-Eurosighthound-Juniorwinner 2006
Best movement at Sighthound-Festival in Chartow/PL 2009
best head males at Lelystad Kamp. clubmatch Nederlandse Barsoi Club  (NL) 2006
Netherlands Juniorchampion, Luxembourg Youthchampion

Degenerative Myelopathie - Genotyp: N/N (frei/free)

For Hitan's complete results please click: www.hitanrayen.be


Hitan Rayen's offspring:

Kennel” Chyerdak” owner Soete Deborah, Belgium
kennel "z Bilmy", owner Marcela Parizkova

kennel van Wisinskaja, owner Gustaaf Gillemot, Belgium

kennel Du Clos de Vremontois, owner Guy and Francoise Bourasset




19 months old

photo: Gerd-Christian www.gerd-christian.de


18 months old

17 months old

16 months old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_17mo_gw.jpg (69871 Byte)


16 months old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_15mo_w1.jpg (66501 Byte) 

15 months old


14 months old


13 months old


1 year old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_nbc06.jpg (75524 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_1j_l01.jpg (68187 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_1j_l02.jpg (78940 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_maubeuge01.jpg (48820 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_maubeuge02.jpg (70815 Byte)


10 months old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_10mo1.jpg (74373 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10mok.jpg (46426 Byte)


9 months old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_9mth1.jpg (59489 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_9mth2.jpg (48887 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_9mo1.jpg (66419 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_9mo2.jpg (76065 Byte)


8 months old

6 months old

ischyma_hitan_rayen_6mo_1show1.jpg (39248 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_6mo_1show2.jpg (46396 Byte)

nearly 5 months old



4 months old


17 weeks old


16 weeks old

15 weeks old


14 weeks old


13 weeks old


12 weeks old

11 weeks old


10 weeks old

  ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo8.jpg (42233 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo7.jpg (42054 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo6.jpg (37167 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo5.jpg (42553 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo4.jpg (46646 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo3.jpg (40520 Byte) ischyma_hitan_rayen_10wo2.jpg (64311 Byte)


abschied_hitan_rayen.jpg (67289 Byte) 
with his new owners

9 weeks old


8 weeks old





7 weeks





6 weeks old 




5 weeks old 





4 weeks old 




3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old


1st day