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Ch. Ischyma Comtess * 10.05.2001 - 07.03.2014

German Champion DWZRV
German Champion VDH
German Champion for Beauty and Performance
Best in Show Ostercappeln 29.03.2003
World Junior Winner 2002
Junior Winner Amsterdam 2002

Landessiegerin Thüringen 2003
Landesjugendsiegerin Weser-Ems 2002
Landesjugendsiegerin Nordrhein-Westfalen 2002

(Ch. Janke Levitch Krylov x Margeaux Manon de Nikolaiev)


please click here for the pedigree

Comtess' offspring:
20.03.2005 Ischyma H-Litter Sire: Ch. Darbaschan's Super Strike (please look for them in "our litters/H-litter")


2nd place at the Int. Coursing Greppin on 08/10/06
7th place in a competition of 21 bitches at the Europan Coursingchampionship 2006 in Finland on 02/07/06
V1 VDH in Championclass at CAC Haan-Hochdahl on 24.06.2006 judge: Wolfgang Richter/D
V1 BOB VDH in Championclass at CAC Tüttlegen on 10.06.2006 breederjudge: Andreja Novak/SLO
V1 RCAC in Championclass at FCI-Eurosighthoundshow 2006 on 28.05.2006 Judge : Wolfgang Baumann/D
V2 RVDH in Championclass at CAC Eilenburg 25.05.06 Judge: Elmar Sistermann/D
V1 VDH CACIB Hannover 06.11.2005 Judge: Miroslav Zidar
V1 CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Großsedlitz 14.08.2005 Judge: Harry Zuber/CH
On January 31st 2004 Comtess has broken her left frontleg. She needed one year to be again sound.
V1 RCACIB at Winner Amsterdam on 07.12.03 Judge: Pierre Renard/F
V2 RCACIB RCAC Championat du France CACIB Strasbourg 10.11.03 Judge: Christian Magré/F
V1 BOS CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Schloß Ricklingen 26.07.2003 Judge: Hermann Bürk/D
V1 CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Zschepplin 05.07.2003 Judge:Lisbeth Mach/CH 
V1 CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Zehlendorf 03.05.2003 Judge: June Minns/GB 
2nd Place Deutscher Coursingsieger 2003 in Bad Doberan on 27.04.03
V1 BOB Landessieger Thüringen CACIB, CAC VDH Int. Dog Show Erfurt 26.04.03 Judge: Herman Bürk/D
2nd Place Coursing in Ostercappeln on 30.03.03 with Schönheit & Leistung 
V1 BIS BOB Schönheit&Leistung CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Ostercappeln 29.03.2003 Judge: D. Schäfer/D Judge BIS M. Langer/D
V1 BOS CAC VDH Sighthound Specialty Hünstetten 17.08.2002 Judge: H. Zuber/CH 
V1 World Junior Winner 2002, Junior Winner 2002 World Dog Show Amsterdam 2002 05.07.2002 Judge Mr. G. Vlieghuis/NL
V1 Landesjugendsiegerin NRW 2002 Haan-Hochdahl 22.06.2002 Judge: H. Zuber/CH
V1 BOB Jugend Best in Show Sighthound Specialty Ostercappeln 15.06.2002 Judge: H.-J. Kempe/D, Judge BIS W. Peschges/D
V1 JBOB Jugend Best in Show Sighthound Specialty Zschepplin 08.06.2002 Judge: B. Piesik/D, Judge BIS Mrs. Märki/CH